Not to brag but we have the best contacts in the tourism industry and that means we get exclusive deals on “what’s hot” and “what’s in” in the travel scene. What we offer is a clear and detailed, “worry-free” itinerary of the best travel spots—local and beyond borders. In addition, we have set a high standard on customer service to en
Foremost, we want our clients to worry only about how they are going to enjoy their escapade so we smooth things out—including the minutiae—with our contacts. We make it a point that we contact, confirm and double-check the details of the flight and accommodation, and relay the information to our clients.

Still, in case a problem comes up there is no need to fret. We see problems as opportunities to exhibit our enshrined take on customer service. Our duly trained personnel are free to be contacted 24/7 and ready to assist with any complications that may arise.
There are three ways to get access to the current itineraries we offer:

First off, you can visit our hub at Grand Canal Mall, Venice Piazza—which is the more fun way! We have a big screen that showcase our current travel promos and the other itineraries we offer. Our professional travel agents on site will be more than happy to assist you regarding your questions and concerns. Plus, you can grab a drink at our bar and enjoy a sip while planning out your escapade.

Then we have the second option. Go visit us online at www.travelbean.com.ph and just click on the ‘Travel tab’. Voila! A full scale on our current promos and itineraries.

Lastly, the third option. You can sign up with us and get updates on the latest travel packages we offer. (if this is possible)
Easy-peasy! Just go to our hub at Grand Canal Mall, Venice Piazza and our professional travel agents will assist you and guide you through the process.
For your convenience, we accept cash on hand, credit cards and Paypal as modes of payment.

Well, we have quite a selection of coffee beans, Benguet Atok and Java just to name a few. These coffee beans go through a delicate and intricate process to ensure we bring out the best flavors that these beans have to offer and pour it in your cup.
Absolutely! We have a wide array of exquisite coffee beans cultivated here and abroad that we let you enjoy not just in our hub but at the comfort of your homes as well. Visit our hub and check out the coffee beans we offer.
Our business thrives on ensuring we cater to everyone’s needs, so yes we have other beverages to offer. From tea to dessert drinks, name it and we probably have it. To see a complete list of the beverages we offer just click on the ‘Menu tab’ here in our website and get a view of our complete menu. table, raw denim aesthetic synth nesciunt you probably haven't heard of them accusamus labore sustainable VHS.
For your convenience, we accept cash on hand, credit cards and Paypal as modes of payment.